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Nan is pleased to share her award winning Conflict Clock™ program with Valentine Coaching & Consulting friends and clients! Nan partnered with Sollah Interactive, LLC, a leading provider of quality training products, to create this proven staff development tool. As the project’s subject matter expert, Nan created the program, wrote the scripts, and created all supporting training materials. Conflict Clock™ won two Telly Awards, and is changing the way co-workers communicate.

Does your team just not get along? Are arguments and poor communication making it hard to get anything accomplished? Workplace disagreements and conflicts can create a tense work environment, leading to stress and anxiety.  If left unresolved, communication problems can lead to reduced productivity and staff morale.

Conflict Clock™ is designed to help your employees, leaders and teams communicate more effectively, particularly when faced with a negative or confrontational co-worker.

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Learning point highlights

Conflict Clock: Taking T.I.M.E. to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace™ presents
four proven strategies that will help participants break old and negative response habits:

T = Take a Moment
I = Identify a Positive Response
M = Manage Your Emotions
E = Envision a Successful Outcome

Participants will learn how to address these common situations:

  • A co-worker says something that is upsetting.
  • A co-worker asks us to do something that is not ethical.
  • A supervisor puts off taking needed action to address a conflict.

Customized Training

We know that your organization has its unique personality, culture, needs and issues. Conflict Clock: Taking T.I.M.E. to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace™ was designed with that in mind. We have provided three different agendas for general workshops, a special hour-long session specifically geared toward those who supervise or manage others, and supplemental material in the Facilitator Resources that will make it easy for you to customize the training to your organization’s needs.

No prior knowledge or experience is needed to deliver this training to your team. Materials included in the Facilitation Package include: Facilitator’s Guide, Facilitator Resources, Self-Study Guide, Participant Materials. Plus, all participants will complete a personal assessment to identify personal conflict triggers. Special offer! DVD now includes the Resolving Conflict Is…™ meeting opener.

Personalized Video Delivery

Don’t want a DVD? The Conflict Clock video is also available via digital download or USB.

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DVD & Complete facilitator’s package

 Workplace conflict happens. But it doesn’t have to derail productivity. Empower your team to resolve conflict, and create a more productive and positive workplace atmosphere.  Includes both the employee and manager programs on one DVD.

Materials included in the Facilitation Package include: Facilitator’s Guide, Facilitator Resources, Self-Study Guide, and Participant Materials.

DVD Price: $995.00

Program Length: 24 minutes

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Manager’s Edition DVD & facilitator’s package

As a supervisor or manager, your role is vital to the success of the organization. You can impact morale, teamwork, innovation, and quality. But sometimes we forget this in the heat of conflict. Conflict Clock™ for managers will give you tools to successfully resolve workplace conflict.

Materials included in the Facilitation Package include: Facilitator’s Guide and PPT Slides.

DVD Price: $395.00

Program Length: 9 minutes

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