The Oh Series™ Everyday Ethics

The Oh Series Everyday Ethics


We all make thousands of seemingly small decisions every day. But we also face some big decisions, especially at work, and it can be hard to figure out the best decision in a given situation. In a workplace, an employee who makes the wrong ethical decision just has too many consequences, for him or her AND for the organization!

This new program is designed to entertain while tackling serious ethical and compliance topics found in just about every organization.

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Learning point highlights

It’s not always easy to do the right thing. This training program helps learners make the right decision when faced with an ethical dilemma by emphasizing the following key learning points:

  • Describe your organization’s values, standards, and expectations regarding workplace integrity
  • Understand your organization’s policies & procedures for addressing work-related ethics concerns
  • Identify and review examples of ethical situations


Our eLearning course is priced to meet the growing training needs of your company and your employees. Whether you have 100 or 10,000 employees, we have a solution for you. eLearning programs feature linear navigation, post-assessment, full video, and interaction.

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The Oh Series Everyday Ethics

DVD Package

Includes 15 thought-provoking segments that tackle everyday ethics situations common to virtually any workplace. Topics covered include: accounting/reporting miscues, cash bribe, gifts, collusion, time theft, kick-backs, bid switching/bid rotation, price fixing, market division, and more.

Training materials include: Discussion Guide & PowerPoint.

DVD Price: $895.00

Program Length: 23 minutes